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CNEJGE - Compagnie Nationale des Experts Financiers en Gestion d'Entreprise


The founding members of the Association were:

. Robert GANDUR
. Jacques FEUILLET
. Jacques VIET

The statutes of the Association were registered with the Paris Préfecture de Police on 17 December 1980 (O.J. dated 7 January 1981).

Robert GANDUR was President of the Association until 1999, followed by Françoise RAUSCH until 2011, when Pierre LOEPER was elected President. Françoise RAUSCH is now President of Honor.

The Association became a National Association and its name was changed to become the “Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Gestion d’Entreprise” (National Association of Court Appointed Experts in Corporate Management) on the decision of its Annual General Assembly held on 23 June 1981.

Since its creation, the National Association of Court Appointed Experts in Corporate Management continuously pursued the main missions it had set itself, which include in particular:

1 The on-going training of experts in corporate management, during workshops and seminars where either general issues of management expertise or specific case studies are reviewed and discussed.

2 Reminding members of the Association of the essential rules of the code of ethics.

3 Information on the evolution of case law and practice in expertise.

4 Participating in the work of the National Committee of Experts of Justice, of unions and associations of experts in order to improve the quality of judicial expertise.

5 Providing information to both professional magistrates and elected judges on the specific nature of management expertise and the types of missions that management experts are likely to accomplish.

Indeed, in the legal world, there is an increasing demand for the competence of expert technicians with broad business experience, who hold or have held responsibilities allowing them to worthily assist judges in complex cases.

In fact, in the legal world there is an increasing demand for the requirement to call on expert technicians in business, still exercising or having exercised responsibilities allowing them to worthily assist judges in complex cases.

The corporate management expert, whose mission is to enlighten the judge, must be both a generalist, to understand the company challenges, but also an analyst capable of understanding all the market dynamics as well as the use of technologies, the allocation of financial resources, the organization of sales and distribution networks or the impact of unfair competition.

Corporate management experts are indeed inherently different from chartered accountants in that their competence also covers the business and industrial aspects of a conflict.

This is how the management expert differentiates himself from his colleagues as the skills and qualifications in the techniques peculiar to them have allowed them to stand out from members of their profession as a legal expert. It therefore becomes easier to position the management expertise in all fields, known as economic fields.

This is how management experts differentiate themselves from colleagues whose skills and qualifications in specific techniques have enabled them to stand out from members of their profession or their order as court-appointed experts. It therefore becomes easier to position management expertise in all fields known as economic fields.

The Association is made up of statutory members, probation members, and members of honor. Association membership involves for its members a determined desire to work together in order to reinforce the quality of the cooperation provided by its members to the administration of justice.

Expertise law was vastly modified by the Law of 11th February 2004 and its implementing decree of 23rd December 2004.

Indeed, this Law and its implementing decree redefine the means of registering and re-registering experts on Appeal Court lists and on the Supreme Court list, and are also a reminder of the obligations of experts namely in terms of training.

The National Association of Court-appointed Experts in Corporate Management has pursued the drive for excellence embodied by the Law of 11th February 2004 and has modified its Articles of Association in such a way as to be able to integrate experts registered in a probationary capacity as subscribers members and to thus contribute to their training.

The National Association of Court Appointed Experts in Corporate Management is a member of:
- the National Council of Associations of Court Appointed Experts (C.N.C.E.J) recognised as state-approved by decree of the 31 March 2008,
- the Union of Associations of experts near the Court of Appeal of Paris (U.C.E.C.A.P)

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